Crescendo 3.0 released

InterStaff has released Crescendo version 3.0.

InterStaff, a partner of Unit4 Business Solutions, provides Crescendo-BSPM, the amongst CODA-Financials users popular product for bank statement processing.

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Crescendo version is a step towards the complete transformation of Crescendo into a .NET ClickOnce application.
A .NET ClickOnce application can be executed on a PC, without having to actually install the application on that PC.

Another important principle is that this version should offer “High Performance” batch processing.
In order to achieve this, it was necessary to completely redesign and develop the Crescendo architecture. In this process new and improved functionality became available, for example:

Improved performance thru:

  • database optimization
  • support for CODA version and later allowing overhead for old versions to be removed
  • new architecture creates the possibility for parallel processing

Improved selector options:

  • more data elements in CODA have become accessible
  • information in “strange” tables have become accessible
  • information in “strange” databases have become accessible
  • and/or logic constructions are achievable

Logging transferred to database:

  • information concerning process has been separated from information concerning data
  • information integrally available and chronologically ordered
  • information can be easily selected and presented to the user

Modified connectivity:

  • Unicode database support
  • support for CODA XMLi
  • CODA Callable Link no longer supported

Crescendo-BSPM version distinguishes 3 main components:

Crescendo Server
Within the Crescendo Server you will find all of the batch functions, like posting documents to CODA-Financials and matching. Although everything has technically changed, it all still functionally compares well to Crescendo version There are some additions of new functionality

Crescendo (Classic) Desktop
The Crescendo Classic Desktop is still the familiar Desktop from version allowing the user to initiate various Crescendo en BSPM functions.
The applications that are found here in version will be redesigned as.NET ClickOnce applications in future releases of Crescendo-BSPM. The applications that serve to implement Bank Statement Processing can also be found on the Classic Desktop. Your Bank Statement Masters an Filter Rules that you implemented in version will, after some minor modifications, be reusable after an upgrade to Crescendo-BSPM version

Crescendo Portal
The Crescendo Portal is a .NET ClickOnce Application, the chosen technique en design will also be applied to the future redesign of Classic Desktop functions.
Incorporated into The Crescendo Portal are system management functions that have originated during the development of Crescendo version, for instance creating and maintaining Crescendo Jobs and managing the Job-Queue.

Compatibility en Implementation
Crescendo-BSPM versie supports CODA-Financials from version
Crescendo-BSPM versie supports CODA-Financials to version

From version CODA-Financials is only supported by Crescendo-BSPM version

Installing Crescendo-BSPM version and converting from version implementation to version requires at least 2 days on-site deployment of an InterStaff consultant.