Company profile

InterStaff is a UNIT4-partner and since 1997 we are specialized in the development, implementation and support of administrative bespoke software for CODA-Financials. We offer a complete package of CODA-Financials Add-on and interfacing related software and services. We use our in-house developed Crescendo platform. This scalable and robust software platform allows us to efficiently create reliable interfaces and applications which communicate with an existing environment and with CODA-Financials.
As a result, your organization achieves the flexibility and power to optimize and organize the accounting process.

You will recognize our ‘no-nonsense’ approach and Dutch sobriety from the way we work. Our intentions are clear, and we discuss a certain solution before starting development. We do this with our team of well trained specialists.
Our services in the areas of administrative automation are varied:

  • Functional support and advice
  • Development of interfaces and add-ons
  • Project management during implementation