The InterStaff Crescendo platform consists of a large number of ready-to-use modules and applications. Based on this platform we develop applications which provide CODA-Financials with information from your other (internal) administrative processes. With Crescendo you are in control of the most complex financial and administrative processes, both from the user’s point of view as well as at company level.
For instance, large payment- or withdrawal orders with your bank(s) will no longer present a bottleneck for your accounting department. Crescendo manages and organizes these processes almost effortlessly.

User friendly
All Crescendo applications and interfaces are extensively documented and can be accessed from the Crescendo Desktop. There is no need to worry about the implementation and management of new versions. Crescendo will automatically detect new versions of CODA-Financials and automatically adjust to the new situation.
In short: the Crescendo infrastructure offers new opportunities when it comes to administrative automation and provides flexibility with CODA-Financials.