Document Manager

The Document Manager enables you to view and (within limitations) edit Documents in the Crescendo tables.

Document lines in the Crescendo table can be split into multiple lines while allocating different amounts to different account codes. The system will make sure that the balance of the new document lines will equal the amount in the original document line.

Document lines can be selected manually to create matches which can be posted from the Document Manager to CODA-Financials. Matches can be constructed from:

  • Document lines solely from CODA-Financials.
  • Document lines solely from Crescendo.
  • Document lines both from CODA-Financials and from Crescendo in an ‘n-m matching model’.

A user option is to apply ‘reconciliation’ instead of CODA-Financials match. This option can be applied simply by modifying the default settings.

Depending on the chosen settings it is possible to have a fully automated posting process without any manual intervention.

The Crescendo Document Manager is able to post a document to CODA-Financials automatically. During and following the posting process, all of the information related to the document will be processed in CODA-Financials.