Flexibility in administrative automation
With CODA-Financials you have an integrated Financial Management Information System. This is a complete package for your whole administration. It is unique because all financial and quantitative data is stored in a single database. This means that you have a permanent insight into the financial relation with your customers and suppliers.

The power of Crescendo is the uniform application environment that enables us to very efficiently create new interfaces . With the Crescendo framework we are able to show, up front for a large part, how the user interface of your application will look and how it will work.
You will immediately recognize the possibilities to individualize each application by modifying masters and settings as you are accustomed to doing in CODA-Financials.
When you need multiple interfaces you will directly see the advantages of the unambiguity that can be achieved by making use of Crescendo. Not only because of the consistency of the user interface, but also the standardization of functions so that they can be used in multiple applications.