CODA Financials

CODA-Financials is a Financial Management Information System that allows you to unlock your financial information and to present reports in a clear and concise manner.
In short: CODA-Financials offers thé solution to streamline the complete administrative cycle.

A process oriented approach
All financial and quantitative data is stored centrally in a single database. The effects of, for example, your cash-position are immediately updated and reports are just a single click away after each post. With this you have real-time information concerning for instance expenses and turnover data, but also financials ratios like liquidity, solvency and cash flow.

Freedom in use
CODA-Financials offers an application which can be extensively customized. You can create unlimited dimensions. With this you preserve the freedom, and the software will adjust itself to your organization and infrastructure instead of the other way around.

CODA-Financials is a very user-friendly information system based on Windows technique. All information is stored in a financial data warehouse so that each detail can be requested. Not just the actual details for the administrative employee, but also very compact management reports. With the CODA-Financials browser you have a very powerfull and graphical reporting module.