Crescendo Bank Statement Posting & Matching (BSPM) is a standard application based on the Crescendo platform. The Crescendo-BSPM application converts electronic bank statements to CODA-Financials documents. Supplement information for a certain bank statement can be automatically merged with that statement. Crescendo-BSPM offers Masters and Filter Rules to support the CODA-Financials user processing bank statements.

Directed by Masters and Filter Rules, Crescendo-BSPM will automatically (where possible) supplement the bank statement with posting information and select corresponding (open) items directly from the CODA-Financials database. The resulting posting- and match proposals can then be judged, and if so desired, modified through the automatic BSPM process, or modified manually where the automatic process does not deliver the desired results. On approval of the posting details and match proposals the bank statement will be finally posted and matched in CODA-Financials.

Should you elect to post the bank statement to CODA-Financials before having completed all of the posting details and matching proposals, you can decide to implement the so called “Follow-up Document”. In that case bank statement lines that have been defined to require a match proposal, but which have not (yet) succeeded, are automatically duplicated to a new document (the Follow-up Document). In order to facilitate correct accounting principles the necessary reversals and matches are automatically generated to complete the Follow-up Document.