CODA-Financials interfaces

For a standard link with your administrative systems, CODA-Financials offers XMLi functionality. With XMLi you can create a link with your branche specific invoice or salary system.

The development of an interface between your administration and CODA-Financials is a specialism. All our knowhow and experience is invested in the Crescendo platform. Crescendo will get you the most out of CODA-Financials. With Crescendo you immediately have access to a set of standard applications like Bank Statement Posting & Matching (BSPM) and we have the knowledge and specialists to develop bespoke software.

By using the Crescendo platform, we are able to quickly create reliable applications for your specific administrative environment. All new interfaces will be integrated in the existing Crescendo environment, will get a consistent and familiar user interface and can be used immediately. The terms continuity and efficiency are not lost on us.